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Shippers everywhere are overpaying their carriers. The revolutionary carrier modeling products built into VARC Solutions set a new standard in the parcel industry by providing advanced solutions for big and small businesses.

Industry experts on your side

Logistics veterans that understand the trends shaping the parcel industry have the most potential to delivery big improvements on EBITDA. Customers that work with VARC Solutions see 20-25% in measured improvement over existing operations within the first 4-6 weeks of engagement, and insulate future operations from additional surcharges and increases in rates by over 50%. Leverage the decades of experience that VARC Solutions has working with the largest global shippers in the world.

Shipping profile deep dive

The Carrier Agreement Optimization Team has reviewed thousands of carrier contracts. Every single line item is dissected to assess key areas to make agreement adjustments. Extensive experience and in-depth knowledge are leveraged to review historical shipping data, analyze current costs, compare to industry averages, and validate key performance indicators. The entire supply chain process is optimized.

Proven results and superior support

VARC Solutions lets the results do the talking. VARC Solutions turns shipping profile insights into action and works hand-in-hand with customers to reach a negotiation that benefits the customer. VARC Solutions equips customers with the data necessary to negotiate contracts with confidence. Customers see up to 30% in annual savings after VARC Solutions involvement.

Reports on contract adherence

Service extends beyond carrier agreement negotiation to contract adherence. VARC Solutions ensures FedEx, UPS and DHL adhere to the finalized agreement. VARC Solutions Carrier Agreement Optimization Team combs through every detail of carrier contracts and invoices to confirm carriers honor the negotiated rates. Shippers trust VARC Solutions to deliver the best service and the most savings.

VARC Solutions helps thousands
of businesses save millions
on shipping

VARC Solutions highlights new cost-savings opportunities for your business by benchmarking data and assessing current shipping spend. Automated tools work together to deliver refunds back to FedEx, DHL and UPS shipping accounts without anyone on your team doing any work.

  • We do all of the work, and you collect the savings.
  • There's no change required in your existing process.
  • 100% of the refunds and savings available within your shipping account are secured.
  • There are no upfront or ongoing fees.
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VARC Solutions looks great on any phone, tablet or desktop computer making it easy to manage your shipping accounts and get reports while on the go.

VARC Solutions makes splitting the refunds delivered a breeze. Credit cards are securely stored with Stripe and AutoPay applies payment to any invoice generated.

  • Works on any device
  • Does all the work
  • Easy-to-use
  • Secure credit card storage
  • AutoPay built-in
  • Intuitive reporting
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VARC Solutions offers comprehensive services to fit shippers of all sizes. Every step required to find and secure refunds back to your FedEx, DHL and UPS shipping accounts is handled by VARC Solutions. All work is done on a performance-basis which means VARC Solutions doesn't receive a dollar unless you make money

1Activate your account

Creating an account takes two minutes and only a few pieces of information are needed to complete the process. No credit card is required at the time of registering your account. Upon registration, VARC Solutions immediately begins to audit your shipping accounts and file refund claims automatically.

2We go to work

In order to provide robust parcel managed services, VARC Solutions has built the ultimate solutions portfolio that includes shipment auditing, carrier agreement optimization, lost and damaged claims filing and transportation analytics. Each service works to reduce administrative overhead, increase savings and drive growth. Get the savings you deserve.

3See savings pile up

All claims are automatically submitted and tracked as they are credited back to your FedEx and UPS accounts. VARC Solutions verifies the amount of each refund, and splits this amount with you. The shipment audit and recovery platform by VARC Solutions can only save you money. Make the no-risk move to get the savings you deserve. See potential savings with one tap.

VARC Solutions makes splitting the refunds delivered a breeze. Credit cards are securely stored with Stripe and AutoPay applies payment to any invoice generated.

Strong line-up of services

VARC Solutions offers four services in one powerful package. The core services make it easier to manage supply chain efforts and are designed to support even the world’s largest companies.

Carrier Agreement Optimization

VARC Solutions optimizes your carrier contract for long-term success without you having to invest long hours in the process. An analysis of historical data is performed to understand your shipping profile and how carrier’s view your account. VARC Solutions analyzes and audits costs that include service failures, dimensional weight mistakes, invalid surcharges, incorrect discounts and more to target areas to negotiate.

Shipment Audit and Recovery

VARC Solutions deploys proprietary software developed after years in the shipment auditing industry. A comprehensive audit is performed on each shipment, assessing each individual charge that is billed to a package to ensure accuracy. The disputes are handled automatically with the required critical information to return the refund to your business. The resulting refunds are posted to the shipping accounts and applied to shipping invoices in the form of credits. Dollars are delivered back into your business weekly.

Lost and Damaged Claim Management

VARC Solutions offers an intelligent way to automate the filing of lost and damaged claims, increase success rates, and accelerate payouts. When a shipment is lost or damaged, VARC Solutions sees the issue and takes action, automatically sending notifications, creating documents, and filing claims with the carriers according to the requirements specific to your business. Lost and damaged claim filing is a multi-step process that must be followed precisely to secure compensation. Let VARC Solutions remove the stress of filing these claims on time.

Transportation Analytics

Detailed reports give quick, actionable insights. Analyze trends and expense drivers like fuel surcharges, accessorials, zones and weight classes using intuitive reports. Get line-of-sight into general rate increases with state of the art modeling software. Want to create a customized dashboard and share this with colleagues? This can be done through the VARC Solutions system with ease. Even the most experienced parcel teams use the VARC Solutions system to see spend and lower expenses.

Faster refunds

Software is the competitive advantage of VARC Solutions. Each shipment is audited and refund claims filed within seconds. This helps drive performance and capture all the refunds available within a shipping account.

Better terms

VARC Solutions only splits refund credits that were secured by VARC Solutions, not the total of refund credits on your UPS and FedEx statement, resulting in lower service fees compared to other service providers.

Help center

A knowledge base of answers to questions adds to the great support provided by VARC Solutions team to customers. Get quick answers to common questions within the help center in your account.

Get the results in advance.

Prospectus, a free baseline analysis, exposes transportation overspend and calculates potential savings.




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Hundreds of businesses have collectively saved millions with VARC Solutions. VARC Solutions works for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, large enterprises and governmental agencies to lower total shipping spend.